A must read for every woman who believes in herself

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Edge of Desire

Sarita Thakore, who currently works at the Centre for Environment Education, and is engaged in education and communication towards sustainable development; says The Edge of Desire is proof that print enables imagination and can make a person really relate to the book and its characters.

The title aptly suits the portrayal of the lead character, Shruti Ranjan. It is said that print enables imagination. The same happens when you read this novel. The writing brings out the deeper feelings of a woman, and the inner turmoil that she goes through. While she is not too ambitious about her career and becoming a politician is probably the last thing on her mind; once she gets embroiled into politics, she realizes both, its power and its cost. Her nature of not being in denial about the circumstances she finds herself in, and accepting the consequences to face them bravely, makes her character powerful.

Nowhere does the author say that Shruti is a powerful woman, yet the fact that her journey is rife with pain and she has no option but to grow, informs the reader about her path of self realization and the grit and strength with which she walks on it. Throughout the novel, she remains sensitive to the needs of her family and at the same time she also remains sensitive to her own needs; that is something every woman should learn and practice.

The Edge of Desire

The human weaknesses and vulnerabilities have also been depicted gracefully by the author. Shruti not only realizes her own weaknesses, but is also capable enough to understand the weaknesses of those close to her. Without offending anyone, she chooses to work upon her weaknesses and this makes her character a very graceful and relatable one.

While reading, it feels like these instances are happening in day to day life, and Tuhin has effectively weaved words to make the novel seem like a real-life case that the reader immediately feels connected to.

The appropriate end of the novel—Shruti and Rhea realizing each others’needs and strengths; and coming together to make it clear that the journey goes on.

To students of the Gender Studies course…this is a book you ought not to miss! Read it and you will surely not be at a loss!

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