A beautifully plotted blend of emotions, relationships and politics!

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
The Edge of Desire
Aruna Shankar, a zesty professional juggling work, family, and fun; reviews Tuhin’s latest book, ‘The Edge of Desire.’
The EDGE OF DESIRE by TUHIN , in all is a package for the Indian Politics in a narrative way.It gives us an insight into the atrocities that women get victimized to in the current scenario. Politics, the concept, the rules and games of it is enthralling and always kept people, common man as well as people who run the system, very much fascianted.This marvellous book revolves around 2 characters, SHRUTI RANJAN and SHARAD MALVIYA. The mentor-protégée, relationship portrayed between them is quite commendable.However, I feel it would have been nice if the character of Sharad emerged as clear winner and had seen the twilight of the story by swearing in as the Prime Minsiter.:-)
The Edge of Desire

The novel also portrays the many facets of woman,especially post marriage. How she gets victimized and fights with the humiliation, how she battles to get justice, how she gets stuck and juggles between marriage and politics, how she congregates courage and fights back and emerges victorious.

Tuhin’s writing style is awesome and he has truly carved niche amongst the breed of indian writers. The novel is absolutely gripping because, Tuhin has thoroughly researched the politics and weaved the story, beautifully plotted the blend of human emotions, relations with politics.

Keep Up the Great work Tuhin! Waiting for your next venture !

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