Of Love And Politics off to a flying start!- Kolkata Event

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

My apologies for the delay in writing..have realized, I’m a terribly lazy
Okay, a quick update:
I’d done with the first leg of my book promotion tour i.e. Kolkata,
Jamshedpur and Delhi. I’ll be stating the obvious if I say the tour
was immensely fulfilling etc. But yes, the response has extremely
satisfying. I’d been warned against the depleting turnouts at book
events. Those fears were dispelled in the very first event @ Kolkata
on 25th June. Incidentally, the day co-incided with the 35th
anniversary of the imposition of Emergency. It provided us just the
right fodder for a discussion that went on for nearly 75 minutes. Rimi
was extremely sporting and helpful. Rituparna, who was shooting
somewhere at Agarpara, arrived only in the end, looking her graceful

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