Loyola, we’ll sing our proud refrain..

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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On 29th June, I addressed the School Assembly. The Assembly was
convened on a Tuesday (normally they take place on Mon and Fri)
just to accomodate me and I’ll remain grateful to our present Principal,
Father Victor Msquith for his support and co-operation.

I have spent thirteen years in Loyola( from KG to Std 12) from 1982 to
1995. As such, I have a whole ocean of memories which I won’t be able
to share on any blog. I can just say that I’ve been fortunate to grow up
in Loyola and Jamshedpur- while they keep your small town values intact,
they also teach and inspire you to reach out for the stars.

Speaking to Loyoleans was an overwhelming and humbling experience.
I said what I believed in: you’re lucky to be in Loyola. Make sure you
make the most of it. I aptly endly the session by singing the Loyola
Anthem with the students:
Loyola Loyola, we’ll sing our proud refrain…
Loyola Loyola, till the echoes ring again
For here we all are true and our hearts are strong
And merrily we sing, as we march along
Loyola Loyola, till the echoes ring again!

Thank you Loyola for what I am today.

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