That Thing Called Love- Reviews

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

“Set at a good pace, debutant novelist and scriptwriter Tuhin A. Sinha weaves a contemporary story of a bunch of well-etched out characters’ exploring expectations, disillusionments and fragility in relationships.”

“… an urban metropolitan reader may easily be able to relate to the dynamics governing the rising complexities in relationships.”

“the book touches several social issues and deals with them in a manner that has hitherto not been dealt with before.”

“A subject, currently explored in films, coupled with flowing language and generous use of the first person, makes this book an exciting read.”
Afternoon Dispatch and Courier, Mumbai

“A journey of discovery through disparate spectrums, Tuhin waxes eloquent on the choices that lie before the typical urban Indian male and in an odd way strikes a chord that is unmistakable.”
The Sunday Indian

  1. Gundeep Kaur says:

    Sir, i read your novel That Thing Called Love,It is such a fabulous novel i just dont have a words to explain in short it is awesome novel i have read ever. To be honest when i started reading it i found it bit confusing bcoz it was about many characters and has been written in chapters but when i started imagining all things written in novel i found the more intersting. At last just want to say it’s simply a supeb story.
    wishing you a very good luck for future
    Gundeep Kaur

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