Unveiling the 22 YARDS Indian team– Excerpt 1

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

In the first of a series of three sneak glimpses into the book prior to its release, here goes the unveiling of the 22 Yards national side:

The 14 Member Squad

Asad Iqbal-     Opener


Amod Roy-       Opener


Shreyas Mane-   Middle Order Batsman


Vinay Bhagat-   Middle Order Batsman


Mayank Pradhan- Middle Order Batsman


Jeet Gohil-     Batting All-rounder


Aslam Khan-     Wicket-Keeper


Ishan Sawant-   Right Arm Pacer


Baljeet Khurana-Leg Spinner


Rajat Shetty-   Left Arm Pacer


Ramgopal –      Off Spinner


Naved Khan-     Bowling All-rounder


Sameer Patel-   Right Arm Pacer


Rajiv Pandit-    Middle Order Batsman

With the players revealed, get ready to see these guys in action in the coming days.. Watch this space for more!



  1. Aditya S. Chauhan says:

    Hi Tuhin,

    Very nicely done page and Tom Alter’s review is fabulous. Looking forward to read the book as soon as it hits the stalls.

    Wish you all the very best for the launch in Delhi and then Mumbai..!!

    All the best.



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