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Tom Alter

Tom Alter

Noted actor, writer and voracious cricket lover, Tom Alter recently read the book..  He e-mailed his review to me. Here it goes:


“22 yards — a fable which is the truth, or truth which is spun into a fable? — Cricket — all the passion and pain is there, all the glory and gloom which only cricket can produce — the 22 yards which separate batsman from bowler, moment from movement, grace from grit — the 22 yards which only a true lover of cricket can ever understand — ever feel and comprehend —

Tuhin’s book is alive with that feeling and that comprehension.

It covers the wonder of cricket, the individual effort in a team game — the need to be a loner, and yet share a field with 22 other loners — the pressure of facing both swinging or spinning ball, and the swing and spin of success — and greed and lust —

It is a story, a fable, rich with incidences all cricket-lovers can recognize — and yet ’22 yards’ goes a metre forward, and dares to bring truths to light which have been darkened for too long —

If you love cricket, read ’22 yards’ and love it more — and as you love it, you will also worry and wonder about this sport, this passion ever more —

’22 yards’ is not an easy book — either to write, or to read — but it must be read — just as it had to be written — and for all the crores and crores of new fans of cricket — who know it only as a glamorous pursuit — may they read ’22 yards’ and realize, at least from outside, the deep churning and learning that make cricket the greatest sport of all —

I just read the book in one sitting —- I greatly enjoyed it — I think Tuhin may have been a little simplistic at times — but his writing is easy and swift — and the characters make true sense – Well done!”

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